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i'm kristoff paquet.
hey there,

Based in Montréal, Quebec, I'm experienced in all aspects of hardware and software dedicated to game design and audio. With exceptional time and project management skills, I'm never afraid to think outside the box in order to solve problems or try new ideas. I'm passionate about working with a team to achieve the best possible results, while also honing my skills in my personal time with research and experimentation. Think we'd be a good fit? Don't hesitate to reach out.

software i work with.


work experience.

audio designer

ubisoft montrèal | 2017 - present

Great use of multiple proprietary and industry standard tools for recording, design and implementation of audio assets. Pipeline and experience in both voice and sound design; directing a recording session, file categorization and design. Experience in working on a live AAA project while also taking part in production of assets, tech and documentations for an expansion. Coordination with a very large team and skilled at finding solutions to problems.

Major accomplishments:

Implementation of a new ONO (voice) system that saved 90% production time

Transitioned from dev tester to designer level 3 in less than 4 years

sound designer

audio summoners | 2017 - present

Self launched label that produces professional sounds for companies such as A Sound Effect and Sample Magic. In charge of recording, cleaning, designing and mixing every asset included in the products.

Major accomplishments:

Being able to stand out and sell my own unique creations successfully

Made eminent and distinctive assets based on strict timelines and constraints


bachelor of digital music

university of montrèal | grad. 2017

Emphasis on multiple programming languages and design projects. Taught a combination of artistic, technological and scientific skills to capture, analyze and transform sounds, invent new instruments and produce sound creations.

dec in social sciences

college bois-de-boulogne | grad. 2014

After attending a private high school, a 2 year college program with emphasis on psychology and sociology. This helped to gain understanding of the human brain and the impact of sounds and music on psychological aspects such as emotions.

of my

Project: Ubisoft For Honor - Year 7 Season 1

Created all sounds and integrations for the main character, the game mode event, and the majority of micro-transaction content (emotes, finish kills, and mood effects)

Project: Audio Summoners Cinematic Bundle Demo

Responsible for the design and mix of every asset made for Audio Summoners, a sound design label selling cinematic sound packs for seasoned video game and movie designers.

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